You guys are 25 now, do you think you’ll still be doing this when you’re 50?

We’ve been together for ten years and for some of that time we were kids and now we’ve got it more together than we ever had before – as long as there are people that want to listen we’ll keep doing it for sure. We’re such a tight-knit group – I don’t feel right when we’re off for too long because I start missing them. Home feels great but after a while I just want to get on the road and see my dudes.

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goOooOOood night, mare ^_^ have a good day tomorrow :D

Yayeee you too

I really just felt the need to post this because it needs to be shared with the world.

honestly, the all time low fandom is the best


can we just


to whoever made these, bless your little weird souls

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IM SORRY i take it back.


all time low more like all time gaYYY

All Time Shut the fuck up

Is life

Omg can I marry your blog lol cause its perfect!

Totally can marry Mary’s blog :D